Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Future Of My Blog

Hello readers, I appreciate you sticking with me thus far. I have a few things I need to get out into the open.

When I started this blog, I thought it would be a fun thing to do with my free time, get my opinions out there about random topics. But I very quickly started running out of topics at times, to the point I started talking about anime. ...Which was also fun to do, but even it started to dry out on topics. It's started to become more of a chore to come up with things to talk about, rather than something fun.

In addition to running out of things to talk about, my free time has started to dry out. For those of you who don't follow me anywhere else, I was recently married to a wonderful YouTuber named Alice Delacruz, the owner of and, and I feel I should be dedicating more time to her and her needs. And no, not the kind of 'needs' you may be thinking.

In addition, my YouTube channel has begun to go somewhere recently. While it may not seem like alot, I recently hit over 150 subscribers and over 25,000 collective views, which is a pair of amazing milestones. And if you have been following me, you'll see I started sharing these videos on this blog to fill the difference in gaps, and that's not fair to my audience either. So I plan to start focusing more on that as well.

With these important factors, I've come to a point where I feel I must pull back on my posting. I'll blog on occasion when I feel I have something worth mentioning, but the blog will otherwise be silent. So thank you for watching, listening, reading, and everything else everyone has done to make me feel amazing while I did this, but for now, this will be one of only a few posts this Blogger page will see for a while.

Sorry if I broke any hearts with this.

Thank you for reading, everyone.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Why Aren't There More Teachers Like 'Great Teacher Onizuka'?!

You know, alot of people are under the impression that street thugs won't amount to anything after they go through their 'rebellious phase.' Well this anime just shat all over that pre-conceived notion.

Eikichi Onizuka is a 22-year-old blond thug of a man, obsessed with young high school girls. He's a lecherous pervert who will hang out in popular kid places just for the sake of catching a glance up some girl's skirt. And on top of that, he is also a promising teacher-to-be, and his goal is to become the greatest teacher ever. After barely passing his teaching certification in a second-rate college, he goes to apply his skills at a private school full of problem children who enjoy playing pranks. It sounds boring at first glance, but there are two major focal points in this anime to the contrary.

First, he is not very bright. Because of his low-key education, he has difficulty doing basic spelling, but despite this, he does his best as an educator, using his attitude to sway the attention of others. Second, he is the literal definition of a thug, an actual member of a biker gang and a hardcore violent almost-criminal. He is destructive, he is loud, and he is built like a train. And he uses his strength, attitude, and unusual style of philosophy & morality to straighten every student, and teacher, he comes across. Which is how he got the job at the private school in the first place.

But he is put into a seemingly-normal class of students so rambunctious, so rebellious, and so dangerous, they have driven their last three teachers out, to death, to a nervous breakdown, and to join a cult. Every student has some sort of personal issue, whether it be a family issue, a hatred for teachers, a hatred for all life... you name it, he has to deal with it while trying to teach his students lessons. But not curriculum lessons, lessons in life, which are apparently far more necessary to these kids. And the scary part is, every single thing that happens in this anime is 100% possible to happen in real life physically, even if it isn't personality-wise possible.

Alot of the things he does are flat-out illegal. He breaks into homes, drives a reformed biker gang across town dragging people along, he steals and causes car accidents, and he has a police record a mile long. And he is doing these things to MIDDLE SCHOOL students, of all people! But he never does anything directly to them, rather using immense shock value and scare tactics to get them to see things they were ignorant to beforehand. While I am not a huge fan of everyday violence, I do think a heavier hand may be needed for some people, and this show... takes it way too far, but it's funny to see it get to that point!

The show also brings attention to a detail of school life e all despise, and that is faculty issues. I would love to see more teachers willing to go too far for the sake of helping their students, instead of the opposite. The length he is willing to go for these kids is astounding, and while the show is clearly not meant for children, it is definitely worth seeing again and again. There are too many good lessons in this show to pass it up. In fact, people recreated the whole show in real life too, every episode, and they nailed THAT Onizuka just as well.

Also, bonus points for the American Dub getting the voice actor for "Cowboy Bebop"s Spike to do Onizuka's voice. Perfect fit.

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Friday, March 31, 2017

Strike In The Shadows! My New YuGiOh Darkness Deck!

You Underestimate The Power Of The Dark Side.

It took a while, but the build is finally good enough to play. Phantom Knight/Shaddoll gets a facelift and a small army backing it with the power of new and old themed tech cards to give a unique feel to a deck absolutely noone ever expected to function, ever again. The reason I did this was because the original Dark deck I started with was a 60 card deck, and I was forced to trim it down to make it faster. But recent archetypes let me put it back to almost the same level it was at before, and I couldn't be happier.

Fursona pics were drawn by the fabulous Twitter artist @dieformonarchy

The background song is "A Light In The Darkness" (nasinocinesino's NightCore Remix)

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Sailor Moon... Wow, What A Nostalgia Trip.

Not gonna lie, Sailor Moon is one of my earliest anime in memory, and after all thee years, it did a decent job of staying relevant to those fond (and repetitive) memories.

(For the record, I doubt there's an anime fan alive who doesn't already know the story of Sailor Moon, but still, new peoples should know.)

Sailor Moon's story opens on Serena (Usagi), an ordinary high school girl who is about as typical of the show's era as you can get: Ditzy blonde stereotype, forgetful, bad luck occasionally, falls for a hot guy but gets nervous around him, all that jazz. But she finds a stray black cat with an unusual moon-shaped mark on her forehead and adopts her. We later discover this cat's name is Luna, and can actually talk fluent English, with a pleasant accent to boot (in the English dub). She informs Serena that there is an imminent danger for the earth, and helps her learn how to transform herself into Sailor Moon, a warrior for justice to defend the earth.

But as it turns out, she isn't the only "Sailor Scout (Senshi)" around, and they slowly add new members as the need arises. Amy (Ami) is a quiet intellectual bookworm aspiring to be a doctor, and gains the aquatic powers of Sailor Mercury. Raye (Rei) is a serious and devout shrine maiden, gifted with some measure of power over evil forces, and gains the fiery powers of Sailor Mars. Lina (Makoto) is a tall and superstrong gal, often rumored to be super violent but is actually very kind and passionate, and was gifted the electric powers of Sailor Jupiter. Mina (Minako) is an aspiring idol-to-be, performing under the guise of Sailor V, and turning out to already be Sailor Venus with unique metallic energy weapons.

We also gain additional characters as the series progresses, including frequent appearances from a masked 'stranger' who weaponizes roses as darts known as Tuxedo Mask, an additional talking advisor cat named Artemis, new scouts coming and going based on the last of the planets, and even a plot-convenient little brat of a girl who seems to know Serena very closely. Together, they all fight the various evil forces that attack this one town over and over, and each one seeks something different from the victims amidst the chaos and darkness.

The first season enemy seeks an all-powerful artifact the Scouts seemingly possess, the second wave want to destroy the king and queen of a benevolent empire, the third seeks to bring an all-powerful super-entity to devour the planet, etc. And every season, the Scouts work together, unlocking new moves, new transformation power sources, new & improved weapons based on their elements, and... essentially power-creep everything they use up to the point beforehand based on the need as it comes up. It's very similar to Power Rangers in that regard, where the teams battle newer and more powerful forces, leading them to need more power to beat them and causing both weapon AND character development over time, but... it's all girls! (Aside from one or two.)

The series is honestly very fluttery and upbeat, even with the looming darkness. You relate to the characters because of their personalities being so diverse and not TOO stereotypical, because we all know people that are ditzy, super-smart, devout, tough-exteriored, and aspiring superstars. At the same time, you want to see the villains' next creation to see what bizarre enemy they have to fight (and occasionally gaining nightmare fuel in the process), and every monster is very uniquely differentiated and stylized toward a specific goal. And, while the dialogue is a bit corny, it is overall a positive message to the kids that girls can kick just as much ass as guys. My only grievance is the obscene amount of filler the series has, pushing it to be 200 episodes, plus several movies.

But, as it happens, there was a remastering of the entire show called Sailor Moon Crystal, condensing it to 13 episodes per season, and unlike DBZ Kai, it did it in the RIGHT WAY. You still see the defending butt kicking, the characters growing to accept their roles, and the diversity of the enemies they have to handle while maintaining their school lives. And, there is very little filler. The plot and points are very clear-cut, and it is much easier to follow, despite a little detail stripping. Whether it be Sailor Moon or Crystal, Japanese or English, I recommend it to anyone who wants to see it.

Also, another thing they did right: They didn't make Luna fucking BLUE. Poor Mr. Popo...

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Monday, March 27, 2017

We Didn't Start The... oh wait... My New YuGiOh Fire Deck!

Despite what the song says, We DID Start The Fire!

The clock turned back somewhat on this deck, reverting it to a more straightforward dependency of Fire Fist power plays with Fire King explosive combos, using the Coach cards for even more push. And when it runs low, it can reload itself a few times to ignite and explode all over again. This is honestly one of the more combo-oriented decks I've ever run, and while it may be a little narrow-focused, it works out in very explosive ways.

Fursona pics were drawn by the fabulous Twitter artist @dieformonarchy

The background song is Shoko Fujibayashi's "Free Your Heat."

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Friday, March 24, 2017

I Laugh And Cry Constantly At Fruits Basket

Dude... just... why would you put someone through THAT much horrible life shit? I mean, some of it is her choice, I get that, but still, come on... that's borderline torture porn.

The story starts on a high school girl, Tohru, who seems to have unusual life standards, but you find out quickly that her life is just... for lack of a better term, shit. Her mom died when she was younger, and she blames herself because of that "I didn't say 'be safe' to her on the morning of the day she died" thing. So she stays with her granddad, and his family doesn't support her at all. Their home needs renovations, so she has to live in a tent in the woods. And to help pay for the renovations, she works for a cleaning company. This stuff is just... WHY???

But one day, when she is going to her tent/home, she is spotted by her classmate Yuki, of the Sohma family. Yuki is the super-popular, 'super-pretty,' and super-distant/mysterious stereotype of her school, and after finding out her story, she is invited to stay in his home as a live-in maid, and her pay would be her room. So things are starting to look up, right? New place to live, constant time with the most popular guy in school and his family, plus their home is a bit old-fashioned, which is awesome from an admirer's point of view. But the various family members that come and go in this home, as well as Yuki himself, have a very unusual mystical curse...

Anytime the members of the Sohma family are hugged by a member of the opposite sex, stressed, weak, or embarrassed, they are transformed into one of the animals of the Zodiac. And as it happens, Yuki is the mouse in this. The family has strived to keep this secret from the world, and it apparently carries through every generation. But despite the crazy situation, Tohru wants to not only keep their secret, but she also wants to help them see it is not a curse, and make their family a happier one for the darker members of the family.

The sad backstories for both sides is such a polar opposite toward the comedic Sohma family turning into animals, and their personalities match the animals they are forced to become. Add to it that Tohru is so not typical personality-wise, and is driven by her own mother's parting words from before she passed to help everyone around her, and you have a hell of a confusing story. Whenever I laugh at the stupid humor, I look at Tohru and immediately become depressed because I can't forget she lost her family and home. It's a series filled with mixed feelings, and I still recommend it heavily to anyone looking for a fun outlier series, in Japanese or English.

Also, when the one guy turns into a dog, Am I the only one who hears Elvis Presley sing "You Ain't Nothin' But A Hounddog" playing in my head?

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Strength Of The Earth! My New YuGiOh Deck Profile!


While maintaining the old Koa'ki Meiru stun element and the generic Block summoning engine, this deck now uses the power system of the (apparently) splashable Gem-Knight engine, but uses more than a single monster. In addition, by having a 50-card main and several mill/drop engines, the deck can both handle itself against opponents using a 40-card deck, and somewhat slow opponents with a 60-card deck.

Fursona pics were drawn by the fabulous Twitter artist @dieformonarchy

The background song is RIDER CHIPS' "Strength Of The Earth"
I'm a little bit of everywhere.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Ronin Warriors Was... Awesome, But Slow-Going.

I know I'm pointing it out being slow given that it's such an old series, but I am not saying it's bad. It's just... a clear indication of its time.

Ronin Warriors (also translated as Legendary Armor Samurai Troopers) opens on a normal-looking town, and briefly zooms in on a small boy named Ulli (Jun), having a fun day with his family. He meets an unusual young man walking through town with his pet white tiger, whom is causing quite a scene, so he is hurried away. We then cut to a woman named Mia (Nasti), who is warned about an oncoming threat by her cryptic grandfather, and before she is given any substantial information, the town is suddenly under the attack of the evil Emperor Talpa, the demon lord of the netherworld. Under his assault, anything and everything electronic is silenced and cut out, and the people are tormented by his dark army of Dynasty Warriors, under the control of the Four Emperors he has granted special armor and powers.

But lo and behold, the young man from before with the tiger steps in to try and fight back the dark army, showing that he is one of the Ronin Warriors of the prophecy. As the very first fight starts, the other warriors conveniently and mysteriously join in to help him, immediately forming the full team from the get-go. And as they learn to fight together and back each other up, Talpa sees their threatening power, and casts them all out of the town, intending to destroy them. From there, the series goes into a small arc of the five finding each other in their elements, as they were guided there by the supernatural power of their armors to help them recover, while fighting off Tulpa's evil army along the way.

The characters themselves are admittedly a little... bland. Ryo of the Wildfire is the headstrong and loyal leader, Kento (Xiu Li) of HardRock is a bit of a glutton but is the strongest of the group, Sage (Seiji) of the Halo is the mature but aloof warrior, Cye (Shin) of the Torrent is the oldest and calmest of the bunch, and Rowen (Touma) of the Strata is the brilliant tactician & the voice of reason. Mia and Ully travel with them, and largely help them gather back together, but Ully is more of the childish innocent "never give up" cheerleader while Mia acts as the big sister and informant to the group. And the tiger, known as White Blaze, acts as their guardian during battle. There's also an extra character that helps with some form of mystical powers known only as The Ancient, but he's only seen every so often.

The villains are all about as diverse as the heroes, being the four Warlords and Talpa himself, each being a direct counterpart to each other. The good guys represent positive virtues, the bad guys represent evil forces that counter them, and it's a constant war of good versus evil. Very basic, but the fight scenes are very well executed, and you really feel the pain and impact of each sword strike against the armor. The heroes all have very defined abilities and elements they draw from while the villains seem to call from a near infinite dark energy. And the voices all the characters carry are very diverse and fitting for their personalities, even if their dialogue is a bit stale and forced. Buit again, it's an element of the times.

I'll be honest, the slow dialogue was one of the most difficult parts of the series, so much so that it had me dozing off briefly for a few seconds on a couple episodes. But for anyone looking for a bit of classic good old-fashioned butt kicking of a group of samurai warriors using magical attributes, I'd recommend this one any day of the week. It truly is a classic, and well worth the time to watch.

Also, while I know the time gap is huge, why did Ryo end up sounding like a watered-down Viewtiful Joe???

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Friday, March 17, 2017

We're Not Even On Drugs - FurCast Episode 260

You know it's going to be a fun episode when they talk about cheesecake and Rock Dog.

This episode, which originally aired Saturday, March 11, 2017, starred Paradox the Red Wolf, Fayroe the "Fabulous" Blue Fox, and CJ the "late" Pink Husky. There was some footage lost on the pre-show, and started an hour later than normal, but everything was still handled pretty smoothly. Before the show began, they went into a bit of laughter about last week's show title, Kid Pipes. Apparently the joke went right over their heads at first. Paradox was having some equipment difficulties, but quickly fixed it, and it somehow led to pineapple pizza and Denny's. But the start was delayed when Fayroe brought up the best video EVER: the songs "Let It Go" and "Do You Want To Build A Snowman" put through Google Translator in 30 different languages in a row, and back to English. THAT made my night right from the start. 

After the start, Fayroe was unusually salty about CJ doing a charity ride for cancer, which is why he was late. They also announced they were selling old equipment on eBay at ctcwired and getting new stuff for the studio to bump them to 1080p 59.94fps, which is super gorgeous quality. Fayroe ripped it back to his hatred for "for-profit" charities, but Paradox tried his hardest to get on with the show and go to the Link Roundup:

- Fewer than 45 red wolves remaining in the wild -- they forgot to count Paradox. Also really upsetting, those creatures are gorgeous.
- There was a Fox Amoore Album Update, so those of us wanting to know more can read up.
- ClickHole’s video about “What happens to our bodies during sex?” looked like a less shitty high school sex-ed video.
- We saw a glimpse into upcoming Animal Games of 2017 thanks to Creature Features' YouTube Channel.
- Paradox publicly apologized for buying an electronic product with a spider on its logo. (It's a gag from all the spider stories lately)
- Emma Watson admits she’s attracted to anthro animals. And Fayroe’s Response was very classy.
- They show off a trailer for the Chinese series Ice Fantasy, and Fayroe wants to make the song into the show's end theme.

They talk about the upcoming Furnal Equinox and showed off a video called "Rock The Fandom," announcing the theme of FE to be all about rock music. They swap into Twitter to show off DogWithSpawts' video about how to find him at FE, and then go to News:

- Canadian Town Says There’s No Reason To Worry About Bright Pink Water. Didn't know this was a concern, but it was a very strong pink coming out of taps and toilets. But it was just potassium permanganate, a very minor water treatment chemical.
- Florida Man Arrested For $7 Billion Bank Fraud, Uses Jesus as His Defense. He used a fake routing number to pay his tax debt and said Jesus allowed him to use it for his own gain.
- Why Losing A Dog Can Be Harder Than Losing A Relative Or Friend. Sad, really, but true. You live with these beautiful creatures, connecting with them on a level non-pet-owners will never get. Also they pointed out this is for dogs and not cats. Cats are apparently assholes.

They segway'd into a bit about CJ being a colorblind dog and only able to see pink, but to Fayroe’s grand delight, Paradox found out that dogs can see blue very vividly and brightly. It's one of the only colors they CAN see apparently, and CJ was very disturbed by this. They also found out that foxes, wolves, and pretty much all canids have the same color sight spectrum. Paradox also starts a conversation about people forcing animals to stay alive longer when they are clearly ready to pass on, just because they can't let go. I have a very similar view, actually. 

- That ‘Guilty’ Look That Your Dog Is Giving You Isn’t Actually Guilt — They’re Scared. Fayroe is immediately dismissive of this, since CJ is clearly not scared of him. And they segway'd partway because the chat was going nuts with repeated use of "mow" and "blblblblblbl." But the point was that scolding them does not instill association of guilt, it really does scare them.
- Now You Can Give Oral Sex Long-Distance By Licking Your Phone. This is not what I was hoping for. It's an app that allows you to record your tongue Licking Your Phone screen, and transferring it as an oral sex simulation to a vibrator system. They could not take this seriously, and neither could I. 

After a long amount of laughs regarding the last article, they had to take a 10-15 minute music break, making sure to thank all of their patrons, donations, and supporters. And they return on Fayroe with (cheese)balls in his mouth. After a bit more snacking and joking around, and reminiscing about a kids book that depicts Fayroe’s life, they returned to News:

- They were gonna read about how video games do or do not hamper empathy or emotional structure, but they immediately segway'd about how Fayroe looked like Biff. And then like a psycho Ace Ventura. But eventually they cover it, and move to Emails:
- Piggu's email, “^( .( 0 0) . )^”, asks about a multitude of depression, anxiety, and psychosis issues, caused by abuse & trauma, and how to maintain relationships with friends & family despite all of these, as well as handling painkiller management.
 - Silver Hoof's email, “More Tech shits and stuff," goes into a long list of technical jargon, and asks about where to find certain programs & encryption certificates, as well as a what-if question if everyone's sexualities were flipped.

Paradox jokingly told the others to read two emails simultaneously, and they took the challenge for two straight minutes before Paradox had to stop them. 

- Anonymous' email, “Not spam / Just want to send this email anonomously," asks to help him get through serious personal issues and get beyond a platonic relationship, even for just a fuck buddy. Namely because he is afraid/ashamed to ask for sex.

This email actually led to a very deep conversation on the subjects of general sex, and the openness of the furry community to accept others & being openly friendly with each other in various ways. After they finished the convo, they went to another short music break before reading the last Email:

- Atlas Gryphon's email, “Yet another asexual relationship email," sounded incredibly familiar to the cast, but was regarding a person who was very hesitant toward physical intimacy. They have read several similar emails in the past, so that is understandable, but they had another in-depth analysis on the subject on both sides. 

They ended the episode there, singing "Do You Wanna Build A SnowMale," and confirmed next week would not have an episode due to FE. Despite the excessive salt coming off Fayroe, the episode was hilarious, and now I will never see Frozen the same way ever again.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Dragon Drive Is... Not As Amazing As The Name Portrays.

I was expecting this anime to be more of a gung-ho dragon fighting explosion fest, especially with that opening theme, but... not quite what I was expecting.

The anime is about Reiji, an immensely lazy high school wimp. He always sleeps in, his grades are deplorable, and he has nothing going for him. He's also the victim of occasional school bullying, but he is defended by his childhood friend Maiko. One day, she decides to take Reiji to a special underground arcade that specializes in an immersive virtual game called Dragon Drive. In this game, everyone is given a unique dragon that matches their personalities and hidden latent talent. Reiji takes one look at this setup and dives head-first into the first interesting thing he has found in forever... and gets paired with a tiny, puny, seemingly worthless dragon named Chibi.

I need to pause here because I have to focus on this character, Chibi the tiny white dragon. This thing is easily the second cutest dragon I have ever seen in my entire life. It is small, it is innocent, it is adorable, it has tiny wings, and it acts like a puppy -- God this dragon is diabetic-grade too sweet! I legitimately feel bad for the insulting words in the prior paragraph.

Anyways, after being handed his dragon in the form of a card, as well as a linking cellphone, he jumps into the 3D immersion world of Dragon Drive, and discovers he has to physically fight alongside this dragon in the virtual world against upwards of seven others and their monstrous behemoth dragons. Since this dragon was paired to Reiji because of his personality, Chibi copies his movements almost perfectly, which sounds amazing except... Reiji is still a lazy wimp. So the two run, until they can't anymore, and fight back. And just as you would expect, this dragon is a monster when it really tries to fight, almost instantly defeating anything it faces.

The series progresses and repeats the central point of 'big things in small packages,' as well as 'belief in oneself can achieve great things,' in its general overtone of how this character develops, which slowly helps him become better and less of a wimp... sorta. There's also a hidden plot behind the organizers of the Dragon Drive committee, and there is an alternate world that involves the dragons themselves in a secondary plot, but... the series is overall a bit dull and slow from start to finish.

The only thing that kept me going for the series was the little cute dragon, and the rest was either too slow and boring, or so far left-field I legitimately believe the two storylines were thrown together at the last minute. It's not poorly written, just not well executed, in my opinion. Still, I'd recommend it as an outside-the-norm series for a bit of change.

Also, the English dub's version uses the voice actor for InuYasha as one of the secondary characters, so... that's a thing, if you're interested.

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