Friday, March 24, 2017

I Laugh And Cry Constantly At Fruits Basket

Dude... just... why would you put someone through THAT much horrible life shit? I mean, some of it is her choice, I get that, but still, come on... that's borderline torture porn.

The story starts on a high school girl, Tohru, who seems to have unusual life standards, but you find out quickly that her life is just... for lack of a better term, shit. Her mom died when she was younger, and she blames herself because of that "I didn't say 'be safe' to her on the morning of the day she died" thing. So she stays with her granddad, and his family doesn't support her at all. Their home needs renovations, so she has to live in a tent in the woods. And to help pay for the renovations, she works for a cleaning company. This stuff is just... WHY???

But one day, when she is going to her tent/home, she is spotted by her classmate Yuki, of the Sohma family. Yuki is the super-popular, 'super-pretty,' and super-distant/mysterious stereotype of her school, and after finding out her story, she is invited to stay in his home as a live-in maid, and her pay would be her room. So things are starting to look up, right? New place to live, constant time with the most popular guy in school and his family, plus their home is a bit old-fashioned, which is awesome from an admirer's point of view. But the various family members that come and go in this home, as well as Yuki himself, have a very unusual mystical curse...

Anytime the members of the Sohma family are hugged by a member of the opposite sex, stressed, weak, or embarrassed, they are transformed into one of the animals of the Zodiac. And as it happens, Yuki is the mouse in this. The family has strived to keep this secret from the world, and it apparently carries through every generation. But despite the crazy situation, Tohru wants to not only keep their secret, but she also wants to help them see it is not a curse, and make their family a happier one for the darker members of the family.

The sad backstories for both sides is such a polar opposite toward the comedic Sohma family turning into animals, and their personalities match the animals they are forced to become. Add to it that Tohru is so not typical personality-wise, and is driven by her own mother's parting words from before she passed to help everyone around her, and you have a hell of a confusing story. Whenever I laugh at the stupid humor, I look at Tohru and immediately become depressed because I can't forget she lost her family and home. It's a series filled with mixed feelings, and I still recommend it heavily to anyone looking for a fun outlier series, in Japanese or English.

Also, when the one guy turns into a dog, Am I the only one who hears Elvis Presley sing "You Ain't Nothin' But A Hounddog" playing in my head?

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