Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Sailor Moon... Wow, What A Nostalgia Trip.

Not gonna lie, Sailor Moon is one of my earliest anime in memory, and after all thee years, it did a decent job of staying relevant to those fond (and repetitive) memories.

(For the record, I doubt there's an anime fan alive who doesn't already know the story of Sailor Moon, but still, new peoples should know.)

Sailor Moon's story opens on Serena (Usagi), an ordinary high school girl who is about as typical of the show's era as you can get: Ditzy blonde stereotype, forgetful, bad luck occasionally, falls for a hot guy but gets nervous around him, all that jazz. But she finds a stray black cat with an unusual moon-shaped mark on her forehead and adopts her. We later discover this cat's name is Luna, and can actually talk fluent English, with a pleasant accent to boot (in the English dub). She informs Serena that there is an imminent danger for the earth, and helps her learn how to transform herself into Sailor Moon, a warrior for justice to defend the earth.

But as it turns out, she isn't the only "Sailor Scout (Senshi)" around, and they slowly add new members as the need arises. Amy (Ami) is a quiet intellectual bookworm aspiring to be a doctor, and gains the aquatic powers of Sailor Mercury. Raye (Rei) is a serious and devout shrine maiden, gifted with some measure of power over evil forces, and gains the fiery powers of Sailor Mars. Lina (Makoto) is a tall and superstrong gal, often rumored to be super violent but is actually very kind and passionate, and was gifted the electric powers of Sailor Jupiter. Mina (Minako) is an aspiring idol-to-be, performing under the guise of Sailor V, and turning out to already be Sailor Venus with unique metallic energy weapons.

We also gain additional characters as the series progresses, including frequent appearances from a masked 'stranger' who weaponizes roses as darts known as Tuxedo Mask, an additional talking advisor cat named Artemis, new scouts coming and going based on the last of the planets, and even a plot-convenient little brat of a girl who seems to know Serena very closely. Together, they all fight the various evil forces that attack this one town over and over, and each one seeks something different from the victims amidst the chaos and darkness.

The first season enemy seeks an all-powerful artifact the Scouts seemingly possess, the second wave want to destroy the king and queen of a benevolent empire, the third seeks to bring an all-powerful super-entity to devour the planet, etc. And every season, the Scouts work together, unlocking new moves, new transformation power sources, new & improved weapons based on their elements, and... essentially power-creep everything they use up to the point beforehand based on the need as it comes up. It's very similar to Power Rangers in that regard, where the teams battle newer and more powerful forces, leading them to need more power to beat them and causing both weapon AND character development over time, but... it's all girls! (Aside from one or two.)

The series is honestly very fluttery and upbeat, even with the looming darkness. You relate to the characters because of their personalities being so diverse and not TOO stereotypical, because we all know people that are ditzy, super-smart, devout, tough-exteriored, and aspiring superstars. At the same time, you want to see the villains' next creation to see what bizarre enemy they have to fight (and occasionally gaining nightmare fuel in the process), and every monster is very uniquely differentiated and stylized toward a specific goal. And, while the dialogue is a bit corny, it is overall a positive message to the kids that girls can kick just as much ass as guys. My only grievance is the obscene amount of filler the series has, pushing it to be 200 episodes, plus several movies.

But, as it happens, there was a remastering of the entire show called Sailor Moon Crystal, condensing it to 13 episodes per season, and unlike DBZ Kai, it did it in the RIGHT WAY. You still see the defending butt kicking, the characters growing to accept their roles, and the diversity of the enemies they have to handle while maintaining their school lives. And, there is very little filler. The plot and points are very clear-cut, and it is much easier to follow, despite a little detail stripping. Whether it be Sailor Moon or Crystal, Japanese or English, I recommend it to anyone who wants to see it.

Also, another thing they did right: They didn't make Luna fucking BLUE. Poor Mr. Popo...

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