Monday, March 27, 2017

We Didn't Start The... oh wait... My New YuGiOh Fire Deck!

Despite what the song says, We DID Start The Fire!

The clock turned back somewhat on this deck, reverting it to a more straightforward dependency of Fire Fist power plays with Fire King explosive combos, using the Coach cards for even more push. And when it runs low, it can reload itself a few times to ignite and explode all over again. This is honestly one of the more combo-oriented decks I've ever run, and while it may be a little narrow-focused, it works out in very explosive ways.

Fursona pics were drawn by the fabulous Twitter artist @dieformonarchy

The background song is Shoko Fujibayashi's "Free Your Heat."

If anyone wants to suggest a post, feel free! I'll talk about almost anything!

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