Friday, March 17, 2017

We're Not Even On Drugs - FurCast Episode 260

You know it's going to be a fun episode when they talk about cheesecake and Rock Dog.

This episode, which originally aired Saturday, March 11, 2017, starred Paradox the Red Wolf, Fayroe the "Fabulous" Blue Fox, and CJ the "late" Pink Husky. There was some footage lost on the pre-show, and started an hour later than normal, but everything was still handled pretty smoothly. Before the show began, they went into a bit of laughter about last week's show title, Kid Pipes. Apparently the joke went right over their heads at first. Paradox was having some equipment difficulties, but quickly fixed it, and it somehow led to pineapple pizza and Denny's. But the start was delayed when Fayroe brought up the best video EVER: the songs "Let It Go" and "Do You Want To Build A Snowman" put through Google Translator in 30 different languages in a row, and back to English. THAT made my night right from the start. 

After the start, Fayroe was unusually salty about CJ doing a charity ride for cancer, which is why he was late. They also announced they were selling old equipment on eBay at ctcwired and getting new stuff for the studio to bump them to 1080p 59.94fps, which is super gorgeous quality. Fayroe ripped it back to his hatred for "for-profit" charities, but Paradox tried his hardest to get on with the show and go to the Link Roundup:

- Fewer than 45 red wolves remaining in the wild -- they forgot to count Paradox. Also really upsetting, those creatures are gorgeous.
- There was a Fox Amoore Album Update, so those of us wanting to know more can read up.
- ClickHole’s video about “What happens to our bodies during sex?” looked like a less shitty high school sex-ed video.
- We saw a glimpse into upcoming Animal Games of 2017 thanks to Creature Features' YouTube Channel.
- Paradox publicly apologized for buying an electronic product with a spider on its logo. (It's a gag from all the spider stories lately)
- Emma Watson admits she’s attracted to anthro animals. And Fayroe’s Response was very classy.
- They show off a trailer for the Chinese series Ice Fantasy, and Fayroe wants to make the song into the show's end theme.

They talk about the upcoming Furnal Equinox and showed off a video called "Rock The Fandom," announcing the theme of FE to be all about rock music. They swap into Twitter to show off DogWithSpawts' video about how to find him at FE, and then go to News:

- Canadian Town Says There’s No Reason To Worry About Bright Pink Water. Didn't know this was a concern, but it was a very strong pink coming out of taps and toilets. But it was just potassium permanganate, a very minor water treatment chemical.
- Florida Man Arrested For $7 Billion Bank Fraud, Uses Jesus as His Defense. He used a fake routing number to pay his tax debt and said Jesus allowed him to use it for his own gain.
- Why Losing A Dog Can Be Harder Than Losing A Relative Or Friend. Sad, really, but true. You live with these beautiful creatures, connecting with them on a level non-pet-owners will never get. Also they pointed out this is for dogs and not cats. Cats are apparently assholes.

They segway'd into a bit about CJ being a colorblind dog and only able to see pink, but to Fayroe’s grand delight, Paradox found out that dogs can see blue very vividly and brightly. It's one of the only colors they CAN see apparently, and CJ was very disturbed by this. They also found out that foxes, wolves, and pretty much all canids have the same color sight spectrum. Paradox also starts a conversation about people forcing animals to stay alive longer when they are clearly ready to pass on, just because they can't let go. I have a very similar view, actually. 

- That ‘Guilty’ Look That Your Dog Is Giving You Isn’t Actually Guilt — They’re Scared. Fayroe is immediately dismissive of this, since CJ is clearly not scared of him. And they segway'd partway because the chat was going nuts with repeated use of "mow" and "blblblblblbl." But the point was that scolding them does not instill association of guilt, it really does scare them.
- Now You Can Give Oral Sex Long-Distance By Licking Your Phone. This is not what I was hoping for. It's an app that allows you to record your tongue Licking Your Phone screen, and transferring it as an oral sex simulation to a vibrator system. They could not take this seriously, and neither could I. 

After a long amount of laughs regarding the last article, they had to take a 10-15 minute music break, making sure to thank all of their patrons, donations, and supporters. And they return on Fayroe with (cheese)balls in his mouth. After a bit more snacking and joking around, and reminiscing about a kids book that depicts Fayroe’s life, they returned to News:

- They were gonna read about how video games do or do not hamper empathy or emotional structure, but they immediately segway'd about how Fayroe looked like Biff. And then like a psycho Ace Ventura. But eventually they cover it, and move to Emails:
- Piggu's email, “^( .( 0 0) . )^”, asks about a multitude of depression, anxiety, and psychosis issues, caused by abuse & trauma, and how to maintain relationships with friends & family despite all of these, as well as handling painkiller management.
 - Silver Hoof's email, “More Tech shits and stuff," goes into a long list of technical jargon, and asks about where to find certain programs & encryption certificates, as well as a what-if question if everyone's sexualities were flipped.

Paradox jokingly told the others to read two emails simultaneously, and they took the challenge for two straight minutes before Paradox had to stop them. 

- Anonymous' email, “Not spam / Just want to send this email anonomously," asks to help him get through serious personal issues and get beyond a platonic relationship, even for just a fuck buddy. Namely because he is afraid/ashamed to ask for sex.

This email actually led to a very deep conversation on the subjects of general sex, and the openness of the furry community to accept others & being openly friendly with each other in various ways. After they finished the convo, they went to another short music break before reading the last Email:

- Atlas Gryphon's email, “Yet another asexual relationship email," sounded incredibly familiar to the cast, but was regarding a person who was very hesitant toward physical intimacy. They have read several similar emails in the past, so that is understandable, but they had another in-depth analysis on the subject on both sides. 

They ended the episode there, singing "Do You Wanna Build A SnowMale," and confirmed next week would not have an episode due to FE. Despite the excessive salt coming off Fayroe, the episode was hilarious, and now I will never see Frozen the same way ever again.

If anyone wants to suggest a post, feel free! I'll talk about almost anything!


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