Monday, April 3, 2017

Why Aren't There More Teachers Like 'Great Teacher Onizuka'?!

You know, alot of people are under the impression that street thugs won't amount to anything after they go through their 'rebellious phase.' Well this anime just shat all over that pre-conceived notion.

Eikichi Onizuka is a 22-year-old blond thug of a man, obsessed with young high school girls. He's a lecherous pervert who will hang out in popular kid places just for the sake of catching a glance up some girl's skirt. And on top of that, he is also a promising teacher-to-be, and his goal is to become the greatest teacher ever. After barely passing his teaching certification in a second-rate college, he goes to apply his skills at a private school full of problem children who enjoy playing pranks. It sounds boring at first glance, but there are two major focal points in this anime to the contrary.

First, he is not very bright. Because of his low-key education, he has difficulty doing basic spelling, but despite this, he does his best as an educator, using his attitude to sway the attention of others. Second, he is the literal definition of a thug, an actual member of a biker gang and a hardcore violent almost-criminal. He is destructive, he is loud, and he is built like a train. And he uses his strength, attitude, and unusual style of philosophy & morality to straighten every student, and teacher, he comes across. Which is how he got the job at the private school in the first place.

But he is put into a seemingly-normal class of students so rambunctious, so rebellious, and so dangerous, they have driven their last three teachers out, to death, to a nervous breakdown, and to join a cult. Every student has some sort of personal issue, whether it be a family issue, a hatred for teachers, a hatred for all life... you name it, he has to deal with it while trying to teach his students lessons. But not curriculum lessons, lessons in life, which are apparently far more necessary to these kids. And the scary part is, every single thing that happens in this anime is 100% possible to happen in real life physically, even if it isn't personality-wise possible.

Alot of the things he does are flat-out illegal. He breaks into homes, drives a reformed biker gang across town dragging people along, he steals and causes car accidents, and he has a police record a mile long. And he is doing these things to MIDDLE SCHOOL students, of all people! But he never does anything directly to them, rather using immense shock value and scare tactics to get them to see things they were ignorant to beforehand. While I am not a huge fan of everyday violence, I do think a heavier hand may be needed for some people, and this show... takes it way too far, but it's funny to see it get to that point!

The show also brings attention to a detail of school life e all despise, and that is faculty issues. I would love to see more teachers willing to go too far for the sake of helping their students, instead of the opposite. The length he is willing to go for these kids is astounding, and while the show is clearly not meant for children, it is definitely worth seeing again and again. There are too many good lessons in this show to pass it up. In fact, people recreated the whole show in real life too, every episode, and they nailed THAT Onizuka just as well.

Also, bonus points for the American Dub getting the voice actor for "Cowboy Bebop"s Spike to do Onizuka's voice. Perfect fit.

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